Tonight I finally got up and started a project that I started back in April 2012. If you been with me awhile remember I went on the Cricut cruise well I haven't completed my smash book or my project type life of those pictures. Ha ha that is funny I really never started the project life of them. I cut the papers out and purchased the supplies and it sat. So tonight I went threw die cuts that I had probably two yrs ago from swaps and cuts that I made and just stored. I pulled out my book and started adding pictures down.
Sad right

well I will not bore you with the pictures of my completed pages but I did complete 6 pages tonight. After the cruise I think I had order something like 200 pictures from shutterfly so my main goal is just to add the pictures down and use up some of that ugly paper I bought in the beginning of my scrapbooking. I have tons of stickers that I will get rid of also. I can say one good thing for me this had made me really want to start a current project life but it will not be a normal one. I have been following Margret over at I love crafting and she makes it look so simple and nice. I love taking pictures of my grand kids so now I will be able to put it all down instead of having pictures all in boxes and totes everywhere. I would also love to make more scrap pages but I think this will be more simple and easy. Again I will not be sharing but only commenting on how many I complete for the cruise of April 2012.  

As always be bless


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