Tuesday, July 31, 2012

iClassygirl and Scraps of Color

 Today I am using this layout for iClassygirl and Scraps of Color

This is what I came up with. I am not 100% on it but it is another challenge complete right.
The background paper is Studio Calico and I thought since the challenge on SOC is - My Black is Beautiful!  My Black is my HOOD!  City, suburbs, country, cornfields. It's either were you are or where you call home/grew up.  However, you define it is your 'hood.   This is about your neighborhood and where you live.  This challenge is about sharing your beautiful 'hood! 
The first picture is of my mother and sister and me. This is where my love of hats come from as a little girl I would get a hat and cherish it. The bottom picture is take in my grandmother's house which was my second home growing up. Oh how I miss my mother and grandmother.

I used the wood verner from Diane and put glossy accent on it but it buckled but it is okay and then I added a wood heart from Studio Calico and used red bic pen. The stickers are from Bo Bunny.

This piece was a scrap I had on a desk calendar last yr and instead of throwing it out I just re used it. I cut love cut out is from Lakisha on FaceBook. I received it in an order from her on the Scrap Yard.

Be Bless

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gypsy Challenge

I was watching a video tonight from She's a Sassy Lady Her challenge was to weld 3 pieces together to form some type of design and you will make a shadow. Well as usual I didn't pay full attention to the details so I will have to do another card tomorrow for her challenge. I haven't used my gypsy in in so long I forgot how to weld and it took me a little bit to get it together. One of my grand daughters (Sunny) will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks so this card will be perfect for her.

 I will be back tomorrow to do this challenge the right way

As always be bless

Friday, July 27, 2012

Smash it

I got a few pages smashed this week so many more pictures to go....mojo please stay with me

I started taking class for my Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting machine - Pfaff Creative 4.0 and yes I call her the Beast. This thing has so much packed in it and like all things it has a learning curve but I am so happy to take the classes where I purchased it at. I can't wait to really get into the advanced classes :)

OMG I just love love love my Braum's ice cream and when I am having a bad day only a double scoop will work.

Hubby and I were in Dallas and I found it strange to believe as much as I have been to Dallas in my adult life I have never went to the place were JFK was killed. There were several men like panhandlers selling newspapers over JFK and telling the story and the guy that gave us the history was very informative. I so glad that hubby and I went down and experienced it.

As always be bless

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

iClassygirl card

Last night I went in my room and knocked this simple card out from this sketch from iClassygirl
  and this is what I came up with. I used Crate Paper Random and some ribbon from my stash and the little embellishments is from Making Memories that I purchased so long ago.

Then I got out the cameo and made a gift card holder out of paper from Hobby Lobby and Bazzil cardstock for the Thanks then I added want to scrap pears to finish it up

Last I made a card for my sister just to say thanks for the past weekend in Fort Worth with the Advocare family. I also made this card on the cameo if I had to do it over again I would have revered the paper and cardstock but it is done now. Again paper from my stash from HL. and want to scrap black pearls then a butterful my wonderful scrappy sister Teresa - gave me in a RAK.

Monday, July 23, 2012


My my my what a time I had this past weekend in Fort Worth Texas at the Advocare success school. What I love about this company and people is that they put GOD first above all then family. My soul was so feed this past weekend listening to the stories of the panel. This is my 3rd year going and I come home every time with a renewed spirit and focus goal.

My sister got us started with Advocare and I knew she was very happy with her weight lose and the energy that she was getting from the products that I had to get hubby and myself on it. Johnny Loper is our top man and boy does he have the positive energy that just get you to moving. Johnny and his brother Thomas just released a book and I purchased it and I tell you what I am "Fired Up and Ready"
So on Aug 1 Johnny is starting a 24 Day Challenge and I will be doing the challenge right alone with him and the book is the first part of the cleanse such a great tool.

The final speaker on Saturday night was  Walter Bond and I have never heard of him before but I don't follow a lot of Basketball or Motivational Speakers which is his career path. Baby let me tell you this man had me crying....I mean he spoke with such power so you know I had to purchase the book if not only for me but for my 14 yr old son to read. This book is a must for all homes. 
I got a picture of him signing my book to my son Jalen :)

My goal for me and hopefully hubby (I say that because I can't make him be ready it is a personal choice) I want to lose a few more pounds and to tone it up. Here is my pictures, the first one is before Advocare a few yrs ago and I took a 24 day challenge in April of this year so that is where I am at now and you can see the belly fat that must go.I left a ? for my after 24 day challenge picture.

I am off to a great start this morning I got on my treadmill for an hour took one of the new products that was released this weekend.

I have to say one final thing about the Advocare products. A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor and found out I am anemic and had no energy what so every. I have been taken my iron pills and eating more food with iron in it but this morning I took me an Advocare Spark and I rocked it energy like I hadn't felt since back in April. I completed that work out lifted weights, moped floors, cleaned bathrooms and then cooked a big dinner and that hasn't happen to me in such a long while. So if you are low on energy get with me and I can give you a sample of Spark to get you going. Well let me get off of here I got a lot of crafting to catch up on so look out for postings. 

All I can say is watch out because Mrs. Montee is doing her thing on all levels

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A simple layout

Okay so today was my day I got two layouts done. I started this layout months ago. My goal is to finish up those projects that are just laying around. Lord knows I have plenty of pictures just laying around and mini albums that are complete that need pictures and embellishments.

Ok so on this layout I had the Polaroid cut out awhile back and the big gear. So last night I turned on the Cameo and cut out the gear page and finished this layout. The main paper is also gears but it was in my stash but I think it is paper studios.

The picture is my grandson showing all of his 32's. He loves to smile and this layout was just for him.

Be Bless

My Black is Beautiful challenge #13

My Black is Beautiful!  My Black is my FAMILY! Whoever that family may be...your parents, your kids, your SO and kids, your siblings.  However, you define it, it's your family and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!    Create your layout. Share it here by July 15, 2012!  Let's GO!

Okay I am late but my MOJO was so gone

This layout I had bought a kit from Drew Card of my eye last month and it was a mixture of papers that I used for this layout.

This picture is of my kids Kendra, Sascha and Jalen then my grandson Kendrian. It was Kendrian's graduation and it was a perfect time for me to get a picture of me and my kids since we are not always together since my grown girls live in another town.

As always be bless

Friday, July 13, 2012

YPP Travelogue Team Felisa

This is the last round for Team Felisa. This is my two page submission to to Iley's mini Girlfriends. I so enjoyed working on these two pages. Her request was shabby chic with black/whites/cream/pink so here is my pages . You have seen these pics before it is of my high school girlfriends and our weekend trip to Kansas. I used everything from my stash. I hope Iley likes it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


My husband has been working in Dallas for the last two weeks and since I am a stay at home mom/wife, I got to come along and stay at the hotel and enjoy Dallas. We have a suite and I just love being spoiled. I brought along a few crafting items but it doesn't seem like I brought the right things to really scrap but I brought one of my smash books and I did a couple of pages which I should have finished the book but mojo is still on vacation.

I love this hotel we are staying at because it has this wonderful gym and every morning I get up and go do my daily work out.
 This is what I had every morning for breakfast. I am sure going to miss this

Be Bless


Good morning here are some birthday shirts that I made for Leo's this month. One is for my great niece who has a birthday on my day the ...