My my my what a time I had this past weekend in Fort Worth Texas at the Advocare success school. What I love about this company and people is that they put GOD first above all then family. My soul was so feed this past weekend listening to the stories of the panel. This is my 3rd year going and I come home every time with a renewed spirit and focus goal.

My sister got us started with Advocare and I knew she was very happy with her weight lose and the energy that she was getting from the products that I had to get hubby and myself on it. Johnny Loper is our top man and boy does he have the positive energy that just get you to moving. Johnny and his brother Thomas just released a book and I purchased it and I tell you what I am "Fired Up and Ready"
So on Aug 1 Johnny is starting a 24 Day Challenge and I will be doing the challenge right alone with him and the book is the first part of the cleanse such a great tool.

The final speaker on Saturday night was  Walter Bond and I have never heard of him before but I don't follow a lot of Basketball or Motivational Speakers which is his career path. Baby let me tell you this man had me crying....I mean he spoke with such power so you know I had to purchase the book if not only for me but for my 14 yr old son to read. This book is a must for all homes. 
I got a picture of him signing my book to my son Jalen :)

My goal for me and hopefully hubby (I say that because I can't make him be ready it is a personal choice) I want to lose a few more pounds and to tone it up. Here is my pictures, the first one is before Advocare a few yrs ago and I took a 24 day challenge in April of this year so that is where I am at now and you can see the belly fat that must go.I left a ? for my after 24 day challenge picture.

I am off to a great start this morning I got on my treadmill for an hour took one of the new products that was released this weekend.

I have to say one final thing about the Advocare products. A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor and found out I am anemic and had no energy what so every. I have been taken my iron pills and eating more food with iron in it but this morning I took me an Advocare Spark and I rocked it energy like I hadn't felt since back in April. I completed that work out lifted weights, moped floors, cleaned bathrooms and then cooked a big dinner and that hasn't happen to me in such a long while. So if you are low on energy get with me and I can give you a sample of Spark to get you going. Well let me get off of here I got a lot of crafting to catch up on so look out for postings. 

All I can say is watch out because Mrs. Montee is doing her thing on all levels


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