Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Sister and Brother in law

Today is my sister Tracey's birthday and my brother in law Kevin, she is my baby sister but you can't tell since I look like a baby lol

I finally got my dies that ordered from a company that I will never order from again because of poor customer service. but the frame is a spellbinders but I don't have it with me to list it. I also used some old paper in my stash to make the card and the even lope. The stamp is from stamps of Life

this stamp is an old one from my pile as well

As you can see I don't have a card for my BIN I just ran out of time so he got a lousy text from me

my wonderful husband made this DIY stamp tool. He needs to tweak it but I am satisfied.

here is a picture me and my sister took on the Soc cruise - man I want to go back

as always be bless

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last day of school

Hello crafters, I am getting so bad about crafting and blogging. My grandsons last day of school was Friday and he asked me to make him a shirt and I said what do you want on it.Of course he wanted his name and he number 13 then he asked for the symbol of West Virginia on his shoulder well I don't follow sports but thank goodness for google I found that image and used the Explore machine to import it in and cut. Happy little 8 yr old. They had outdoor gym day outside and he love the sack race.

I think it came out well but he loved it and that was all that matters

until the next posting have a bless one

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Good morning crafters, yesterday two of my grand daughters graduated from Pre K. I didn't find out about one of them until the night before so I didn't get to personalize her card I just had to make a real simple card. On the this first one for Lily I used the explore machine to cut it and an Anna Griffin folder to emboss it. I had some stickers from last yr or the yr before that I used the Graduation flag.

I used the pen to personalize the inside of the card

This  is the real simple one that I just cut and used another Walmart sticker for the congrats

Lily, Sunny and little Khloe

Be Bless

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Completed Travel Junk Journal

WARNING photo heavy lol

I can't believe it but I just completed my junk journal and I am very pleased with it. I haven't had a chance to craft all week with work but I took advantage of it today


look how thick it turned out

I tell you I wish we were back on vacation. We are under tornado watch right now so I better finish so I can unplug everything and get to bed but look at that wonderful weather

I am so happy I made a few pockets great to put our tickets and receipts

I just love pulling out all my stuff and really trying to use it up but I will be making some project life pages with the pictures when they come in from groove book

be bless

Monday, May 11, 2015

Deco Foil

Hello Crafters, I prayed all the mother's, grandmothers and step in moms had a wonderful day. I know I did at my in laws. We started out at church and my mother in law loves to have her family come to her church and of course she had the most family there.  On the drive up there I watch one of Chandi's video over the deco foil and I knew I had all the stuff at home so when we got home tonight I knew I had to play with it. So I printed out a silhouette image I found on line for my deco planner for work. I know I am going to have fun with this if I can find some time lol

be bless

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to take the time to wish all the Mother's out there a Happy Blessed Mother's Day. My mother has been gone for 29 yrs and I would give anything to see her right now and give her a big hug and a kiss. So to all of you that still have your Mother's here cherish them.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Listersgottalist

Hello crafters, I thought I would try my hands at this challenge listersgottalist. I started it last Sunday when we got back from vacation but that was as far as I got. I worked mad crazy hours last week and thought I would be able to catch up over the weekend WRONG I only got to day 4 and next week is going to be a busy work week as well so I might have to let this challenge go because I am and will be to far behind, 

I do like the idea of using scraps in my room to play with

now I must try and make my Mother in law a card so we can give it to her tomorrow but I didn't bring my stamps hope I can come up with something real quick.

Be bless


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