Happy Birthday Sister and Brother in law

Today is my sister Tracey's birthday and my brother in law Kevin, she is my baby sister but you can't tell since I look like a baby lol

I finally got my dies that ordered from a company that I will never order from again because of poor customer service. but the frame is a spellbinders but I don't have it with me to list it. I also used some old paper in my stash to make the card and the even lope. The stamp is from stamps of Life

this stamp is an old one from my pile as well

As you can see I don't have a card for my BIN I just ran out of time so he got a lousy text from me

my wonderful husband made this DIY stamp tool. He needs to tweak it but I am satisfied.

here is a picture me and my sister took on the Soc cruise - man I want to go back

as always be bless


  1. Felisa, love the card you made for your sister! You too look like twins in that picture!


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