Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheval's Birthday

Today is my girlfriend Cheval birthday. I got this image on rubbernecker and I colored her with my copics and added a piece of lace on the bottom. Happy Birthday Diva, love you

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Creative Time with Emma

Sorry I need to repost this I forgot to add the stamp for Emma's challenge of using the wild card cartridge. The Stamp is from Stampinup Wellness Wishes

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


For those that know me, hubby and I celebrate our anniversary every month with a card so here is 02/2011 card that I just printed on the computer and cut out some hearts to place on it. So simple right and quick. The second card I cut using the wild card cartridge making a band aid with the enevolope and just some random paper in my stash. One of my son's school teacher has had her cancer come back and the school was asking for the kids to bring cards so I hope it lifts her up.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hubby is Home

After being stuck at work for two days do to this blizzard he has made it home and what did he do when he came in? He went right back out and shoveled the driveway.

I fixed him some breakfast, he took a shower and decided he couldn't sleep so back to work he went. Now is he a trooper or what.....Love you baby

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 4 of 52 Sketch

This layout is for two differernt challenges. ScrapFIT and Sarah week 4.
This is my nephew who is in junior high, he has the dream of being an NBA player or even NFL. He is that good that he will have his pick at either one but right now he has to realize how important an education is.

Week 52 Sketch Challenge

This is a sketch Challenge over at Sarah's blog that I have been following along each week. By following along I at least get a page completed a week. This was a family get together we had last year with my family and it was kinda last minute so not all the family could make it but we had a blast with the ones that did show up.

Valentines project

This was a project that I did for hubby and I Valentines pictures that we will take this year. The picture on the front of the mini is almost 6 yrs old so we are well over due for some pictures. I bought this box at a garage sale last year but I have seen it at Hobby Lobby. The mini is from Michaels and the paper that I used was from the dollar spot at Target.


I have had my grandson Kendrian since Sunday and he was running high fever sunday of 103.7. He went to the doctor and he has the flu. Yesterday he got up and asked for breakfast played all day and he wanted to go out and make snowballs (of course he did not go out at all). You can not tell by these pictures that he has the flu. Today is a different story he didn't sleep well at all last night. He hasn't eaten today and I am forcing fluids down him. He did a complete 180 on me but he isn't running high fever just laying down and watching sponge bob.

Winter Blizzard

This is day two of the winter blizzard and I am going crazy. I can not stand this weather at all, I really don't care for cold weather would love to live on an island. My Husband Gail gave me a scare yesterday he went to work at 4 in the morning and his company sent them home well he was stuck out in the car for 4 hours before he made it back to his job and that is still where he is right now. He got an email that work will resume tomorrow so he will spend another night at work since he can not drive home. He called the local police and they advised him not to drive him so he is staying at the office. But GOD is good because he is not stranded on the road he is inside where it is warm only bad thing he hasn't had any real food only the vending machine oh and no bath so hopefully the city will have the roads driveable tomorrow. I also started a new job on Monday and I am scheduled to go in tomorrow but I will not make it because my car is covered in the driveway since Hubby isn't home.


Good morning here are some birthday shirts that I made for Leo's this month. One is for my great niece who has a birthday on my day the ...