Winter Blizzard

This is day two of the winter blizzard and I am going crazy. I can not stand this weather at all, I really don't care for cold weather would love to live on an island. My Husband Gail gave me a scare yesterday he went to work at 4 in the morning and his company sent them home well he was stuck out in the car for 4 hours before he made it back to his job and that is still where he is right now. He got an email that work will resume tomorrow so he will spend another night at work since he can not drive home. He called the local police and they advised him not to drive him so he is staying at the office. But GOD is good because he is not stranded on the road he is inside where it is warm only bad thing he hasn't had any real food only the vending machine oh and no bath so hopefully the city will have the roads driveable tomorrow. I also started a new job on Monday and I am scheduled to go in tomorrow but I will not make it because my car is covered in the driveway since Hubby isn't home.


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