Friday, August 31, 2012

a cute card posting

This morning I got up and saw this video and thought how cute is this card. So I followed along with her directions and made me two of them.

Then I pulled out the Expression to update my son's football number on my car. My son is currently in the 9th grade and he has worn #6 since 5th grade and I had to update it for this yr. He is wearing his dad's #24. I loved how this came out 
As always be bless

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Altered Staidum Chair

Today I finished my football stadium chair that we had got at an garage sale yrs ago.

I wanted to purchase a new chair this yr but I got to thinking really do you need a new chair? Well mine is green and UGLY but it serves it purpose well. I was working on a towel for my son and I had the perfect design that I purchased from Grand Slam (I believe) and my son has his father's old number 24 so I was down to his name and my machine had quit. When I put the towel back in I could not get it loaded back up in the exact spot so I decided to do an applique out of the zebra print that I had laying around.

This is the way it was suppose to come out but since I couldn't get it to line back up I appliqued over the original barkus

As always be bless

Friday, August 24, 2012

Having fun yesterday

I got a loaner machine while the shop is working on mine. My friend has giving me several orders and I am trying to complete them this weekend. This is what I have so far.

This is from a small town near my home town. There colors are blue and yellow while mine is orange and black.

Holdenville mascot is a bear and I couldn't get a good image to embrodiery it out so I went the easy way out.....I have two cheerleaders so I took a silhouette and traced around it and this is what I got.

This is my final one tonight because I have to run my son to his father's  for the weekend and that is a 2 1/2 drive one way so when I get back tonight I am off to bed but I will be up and on it again tomorrow and hopefully so paper crafting

Be Bless

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Project Life

I started and stop my project life in April. I was so happy to have my album and filler pages also some cameo cuts to get started. Well I started it

 Why did I choose this Basic Grey pack I do not know but I didn't like it but I thought I could use it to get rid of it fast but in April we went on a cruise and I need bright and cheery colors but then again I went to the zoo with my grandson class so I could add some of those pictures on this (I didn't think of this yesterday when I cut out new pages)

 I didn't purchase Becky Higgins pages I just went to HL and Michael's and I also have some simple stories pages that I got when I went to the cricut crop in Kansas.

I had watched a plenty video's over project life but two stuck out to me. Momascraps video was a great tip so I sat down at the table with hubby and watched TV and brought out my scraps and stamps and made my journal cards.

I also saw another video where Lillian at Bigscrappy shows where she just use her project life to just put in pictures. She went back and added old pictures so it isn't just for this yr but a way to get those pictures out of the boxes and that is what I plan on doing so which out for future My project Life

Be Bless

Monday, August 20, 2012

What has Felisa been up to

I have done very little this past week. My son started back to school Thursday and of course I had to snap at least one picture and I knew I had to do a layout.

I went in my box of letters and painted them black and Cosmo cricket letters for THE and the paper I used was by Basic Grey ~ Oxford for the paper accents and the photo corners were also from the Oxford chipboard collection along with the stars. I wanted a school bus so I thought I was really doing something by pulling out the E2 to use Nate's ABC which I have never used and I didn't realize that it real size and appropriate size wasn't right by looking at the doors it has a piece that goes behind it but it was to big as well and I wasn't going to cut out any more pieces for something that was going to be in my collection now if I was giving it away I would have done it right but it doesn't bother me and my son doesn't care for his pictures scrapped :(

I was trying to complete my order of towels but guess what my machine stopped on me. Can you beleive that a machine that cost so much can quit working after no more than 20 hours on the machine. I did some research and it sounds like the mother board went out but it is back with the dealer and so I sit and wait. I completed another onsie and bib before it died. 
I just love instagram 
This is the design I was embroidering when the Pfaff cut off on me. This Tiger has  21,811 stitches in the design and it was the fourth one I was on that morning when my baby started to cutting on and off .

Well I am hoping the technician has my machine fixed by this week so I can finish out my orders

Be Bless

Monday, August 13, 2012


Today I kick off my 3rd 24 Day Challenge with Advocare. I must admit on the 1st on I didn't do so well. I am a big baby and I didn't stick with it. My second time around I did wonderful and lost weight had the energy  and today I still have manage to keep the wait off. I am at 150lbs but I can still afford to lose some weight but my main goal is to tone up and Advocare can do just that.

Here I have provided my picture of me before Advocare and my 2nd go round with Advocare.

This is me today so let the Challenge begin

 I have the right tool along with the Advocare products. Jay Lo's book is the driven tool that will put me over the edge. He just released this book if I would have had this on the first two challenges no telling how my story would be. In the book he gives spiritual, financial and a good workout so these 10 days of the cleanse will be a breeze.

Well I got my exercise in tonight and I am fired up and ready for tomorrow to burn some more calories.

As always be blessed

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Madelyn

I finally completed Madelyn mini, onesie and burp clothes.

 As always be blessed


Good morning here are some birthday shirts that I made for Leo's this month. One is for my great niece who has a birthday on my day the ...