Monday, August 13, 2012


Today I kick off my 3rd 24 Day Challenge with Advocare. I must admit on the 1st on I didn't do so well. I am a big baby and I didn't stick with it. My second time around I did wonderful and lost weight had the energy  and today I still have manage to keep the wait off. I am at 150lbs but I can still afford to lose some weight but my main goal is to tone up and Advocare can do just that.

Here I have provided my picture of me before Advocare and my 2nd go round with Advocare.

This is me today so let the Challenge begin

 I have the right tool along with the Advocare products. Jay Lo's book is the driven tool that will put me over the edge. He just released this book if I would have had this on the first two challenges no telling how my story would be. In the book he gives spiritual, financial and a good workout so these 10 days of the cleanse will be a breeze.

Well I got my exercise in tonight and I am fired up and ready for tomorrow to burn some more calories.

As always be blessed

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  1. I used to use these products some years ago. They worked when I took them right! :D Good luck getting where you want to be!


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