Smash it

I got a few pages smashed this week so many more pictures to go....mojo please stay with me

I started taking class for my Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting machine - Pfaff Creative 4.0 and yes I call her the Beast. This thing has so much packed in it and like all things it has a learning curve but I am so happy to take the classes where I purchased it at. I can't wait to really get into the advanced classes :)

OMG I just love love love my Braum's ice cream and when I am having a bad day only a double scoop will work.

Hubby and I were in Dallas and I found it strange to believe as much as I have been to Dallas in my adult life I have never went to the place were JFK was killed. There were several men like panhandlers selling newspapers over JFK and telling the story and the guy that gave us the history was very informative. I so glad that hubby and I went down and experienced it.

As always be bless


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