Playing with some projects tonight

This evening was the day that I decided that it doesn't make any sense to just sit and look at all these expensive machines. Hubby asked me for a print of Superman. I really don't like doing cuts on the cricut where there is a lot of little pieces to put together and I though I could just do it on the imagine. Well I didn't even turn that machine on today I went to the Cameo. I sent some friends my first attempt at the print and cut and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why it was not cutting right.

So my friend Danita sent me some wonderful video's that helped me out and I finally got the print and cut just right and hubby loves it.
The last video Danita sent me showed how to get rid of the white space but I had already did this one and Gail was fine with it but now I know.....Oh my machine was to close to the wall when it was reading the registration lines.........Love my crafty girls

I used my Expression to cut out the superman icon for hubby to use on his tools at work. I cut them out at .75 and guess who had the honor of picking out the negative
 Yep hubby picked them all out lol

Okay so my other friend Sharon was talking about a baby shower and the gift she was doing and I wanted to do the same since I have a shower coming up as well. Sharon had bought vinyl designer alphabet and it was so cute for the piggy bank that another lady had did on her blog last yr. Well I got to searching on youtube for something close to what she had and this is what I came up with.

So tomorrow  I will run by Micheal's and get the piggy bank and decorate it up for the baby.  I love the way it came out. The video was from sewcrafty718  and dlhilll very simple....(I just love youtube)

Okay so I went into my son's room and I am so sick of seeing money all over the place so I made him a money jar with cuts from the Silhouette store. I love how it came out
I am working on a the baby boy mini so hopefully tomorrow I will have the complete project and I have a few other items I will be doing for the baby as well

As always be bless


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