My Black is Beautiful layouts

I must say I have fallen off on my challenges so here is 3 challenges that I completed and now I am caught back up on. Scraps of Color

CHALLENGE #15 Aug 1 - 15, 2012!
My Black is Beautiful!  My Black is my Food! And you know we like to eat!  LOL! Share your food.  Your traditions with food.  Are you all about Soul Food or is your food defined differently?  What is your FAVORITE Food.  The choice is yours.  However you define's your food!   Share it here by Aug 15, 2012!  Let's GO!
 This layout is my favorite eating. I love to go to a Mongolian grill and just enjoy.

CHALLENGE #16 AUG 16 - 31, 2012!
My Black is Beautiful!  My Black is my HOBBIES!  Yehya!  Is everyone going to do scrapbooking?  What hobbies do you enjoy?  Scrapbooking, Jewelry Making, Stamping, Painting, Collecting.  Whatever they may be, they are YOUR HOBBIES and they are BEAUTIFUL!   Create your layout. Share it here by Aug 31, 2012!  Let's GO!

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you know that I am in love with my Pfaff machine and I love to embroidery so right now this is my fav..

CHALLENGE #17 Sept 1 - 1d. 2012!
My Black is Beautiful!  My Black is my PEACEFUL PLACE!  Scrap room, garden, bed room, study.  Whatever your place may be, it is your place of peace. A place where you get to relax and enjoy.  This challenge is about sharing your peaceful place or space! Create your layout. Share it here by  September 15, 2012!  Let's GO!
I love to just soak in my bathtub so this is my place of peace. I am proud of myself I also pulled out the imagine and used it in everyone of these layouts plan is to continue using my machines

As always be bless


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