Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Mommy

Good morning, today is my wonderful mother's birthday gone but not forgotten. It has been 
30 long years without her and not a day goes by I don't wish she wasn't here to help me with life. I so wish my grand kids would have been able to be around her even my kids who knows what all of our life's would be like now with her guiding us. I look back and I wish I was half the woman my mommy was and the talent she had with a sewing machine. When I came out of high school I use to sew and I did well maybe one day I will pick that talent back up

Today hubby and I will be on the road back to NC. It was wonderful to make it home and see my kids and grandkids. We had dinner at hubby's mother house and it is so nice to sit around family with good food. I just feel so bad that I have spent more time on the highway than with family. 

We took the youngest grand baby to get her ears pierced at the mall on Friday which was a mess it took us like 40 mins to find a parking spot and then get into Clair's another 10 mins to get them done. We ate gassed up the cars and back on the road. Stopped at one of my favorites Aunt house then I dropped my oldest daughter off and get back to Parsons KS at 2 am. I swear no rest for the tired and weary but I do thank God for the strength to keep pushing.  
This is my crew except my son and he doesn't like things like shopping at the mall so that was out for him.Baby girl did great she only cried for a short min but my other grand baby we did her ears back in July and she cried hair and loud. 

Hopefully life will be back to normal Monday and I will have a Christmas card because I need to get them out ASAP. Since we are so far away I want to make each grand baby there own card and put a little money in it since I will not really be doing Christmas this year. 

Be Bless


  1. Fe, all three of you look just alike. Thanks for sharing so happy that you got to spend some time with your family.

  2. This Beautiful picture keeps a lasting memory alive in your heart. You (me) will always treasure the love of our Mothers. Can't wait to see you layout of your trip.


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