Arkansas State Parks

Hubby and I are still up and at um this morning. yesterday we hit three State Parks did some hiking and enjoying nature. I must say I really enjoy this except when it it gets to hot I feel so drained. By the evening I am so wore out my attitude isn't the greatest (poor hubby). Well I wanted to get these memories down so I am using Becky Higgins app to do them as hubby is driving. 

At this point I was so hot I had my hand towel on my head and man the horse flus were crazy so this towel was a blessing

I don't do snakes after seeing that I was so careful so not many pics of me because I was watching everything

This place was my favorite so beautiful and expensive I just couldn't let hubby pay for the room here (that can be scrapping money lol) especially since we would just sleep for a few hours and be on the road early the next day

Last one we hiked at was this one. I was amazed to see the deers just walking up to people and staying in the front of the cabins

Okay time to play in my list book oh and look what I found in one of the shops

I am going to write in it but when I get time I want to make a bigger one for road trips to add pictures in on the go.

I am posting from my phone (don't you love technology)

Be bless


  1. Wow, nature's beauty; thanks for sharing and serving as an inspiration for others to give God's beauty a try!


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