Spoiled by Auntie

Oh man I seem to be posting later and later every night. Oh well I am just happy to get a project competed and posted. I made this onesie last night for me friend - coworker alone with the card last night but I am no night owl so I made the mistake of spelling spoiled wrong and it was to late for me to try and fix it. 

So I got up this morning and used this product on the IL only a drop and the litters just popped off with any problems at all.

Her is the messed one pic from last night. 

Then after work I rushed in to re cut the LI and I forgot to mirror it another mistake.. I had a appointment this evening so now I am back to re cut the IL to correct the onesie and another project complete for the night.

I just got to brag this morning I got up at 5 and rode my bike for two hours and I clocked 40.30 miles my all time high. I thought 30 was great praying I can do this again in the morning so I guess I better get off of here and go to bed.

Be Bless 


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