I tried

Well tonight I thought I would do something special for my sister. My nephew is running track and I went out and bought a tee shirt of his school colors Orange/blue and used blue thread and was going to embroidery his name on it. Well I did a test cut and and I liked it.

Looks good right? okay so then I get the orange tee shirt and I thought it was in the hoop good and started the process again so here is what I got

 because my machine is not the one with the big hoop I couldn't do the 's on Cameron name.

Okay her is the problem I sewed the back of the shirt lol can you say ticked off only good thing about it is that the shirt was only $3.99 at Hobby Lobby and I used a 40% coupon so back to HL I go tomorrow.

But after doing this I will wait until I get my new machine with the large hoop......Thank you sweetie for spoiling me.
Singer® Futura Quartet 4-in-1 Sewing Machine

I guess I get an E for effort.

Be Bless


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