Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was our 2nd stop on the cruise. Another beautiful location. Hubby and I went and sat at the beach and then we rented a water ski and had a blast. I didn't get any pictures of us riding the boat but it was so fun that was a first for the both of us but not the last......
We had to go off the ship onto this ferry boat to get to land

We rode on number 9 ski boat

Hubby working on his tan
 You can see he got burnt
I asked a little to get a picture of us together but the name of the beach was Barefoot Beach. It is funny it was a free beach or so we thought. We paid $10 to get to the beach and we were at the end with everyone and I told hubby that I needed to look for my shells and sand for the cricut assignment so we walked down the beach and I saw the chairs and we just sat down. Later a three ladies came down and the attendant asked them for there pass and told them that this part of the beach wasn't free so we scored big on this one. Nice chairs and shade were as the free side you laid on your towel on the beach.
Another angle of Barefoot Beach beautiful
So nice


  1. Felisa, you have beautiful pictures from the cruise.


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