Falmouth Jamaica

Last destination on the cruise was Falmouth, Jamaica. First of all let me say that we are truly bless. It is so sad to see the less fortunate live in such poverty. Hubby and I went on a tour of The Great Hope Estate and the tour guide Romana
 gave us such great information but my memory is so bad that I can't tell you all the information she was given us. We did go right by the area that Usain Bolt the track star was raised. Which is amazing but since we were on the bus I didn't take any pictures but the living areas were terrible and in my eyes unlivable.

The Great Hope Estate was just beautiful hubby and I took the walking tour around the area and caught up with the tour guide to tell about different locations on the property.

They also do weddings at this estate

Such neat things in this house from the past
 The owner of this home was the first to install copper pipes in a home and the guide side it was the cause of his death as well.

This was a huge concrete tub if my memory serves me correct he said 7 feet.
This is the wedding cottage
The grounds
The humming bird had longest tail we have every seen
the table setting
The entrance of the grand house with hubby up front
Look at that view just beautiful.....I can imagine waking up to that everyday

This has got to be the biggest tree root I have every seen
Romana told us what these were and I believe she said Asian bamboo and these suckers grow very tall
I caught this worker setting out traps

This was the old wheel that was used back in the day for the sugar plant that is next door and still working but they no longer use the mill

they kept the horses here and you can take the horse buggy ride
The view from the Great House

This was the gate house before the big house
Also in the gate house

This was the side view
Pics inside of the house and as HOT as it was outside -- inside of the house was very cool with only the windows open



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