The end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013

I am so thankful for the Lord letting me see another yr - the good and the bad of it. I don't really make goals for myself since they tend to not reach the finish line but this coming yr I do want to try real hard to accomplish some things that I have been doing these last few months of the this yr.

1. I want to make and send a birthday card out to my family and friends on time in my list. I plan on going on my calendar the first of the month and completing all cards for the month. I have 13 for January and I am ahead of the game already by having the first one completed and today I plan on completing 5. I do plan on using card sketches challenges to complete them and that will be 2/1 for me.

2. I plan on putting my pictures in my smash and project life albums. I completed four pages the other night so again off to a great start. Again for me the simply the better so I am using it as a way to get my pictures down and use of some of my stash and a little journal so when I look back I can so oh yeah I remember that :)

3. I plan on spending less and being more grateful for what I have and use my stash. This step will be accomplished with the challenge that I will be doing on a weekly basis with Inspired Stamps

I have ordered the stamps and received them already for Jan. Today I will make my mini that I will use and I am going to keep it simple so I can keep up with it and not get to caught up in the details and lose interest. Thanks Danita for that paper stack it is going to work just great for this project with the colors I love. I am really looking forward to this 52 weeks of Gratitude. I do my devotion on my treadmill in the mornings and I have been thinking of a mini that I wanted to do so I could write down the wonderful words that I receive that morning and this challenge was just the extra push that I needed and now it will be complete today so I can start in the morning so I can look back and enjoy the goodness GOD has given me for that day.

I know long post but I have so much to be thankful for in 2012 and I am looking for all the goodness and whatever else is thrown my way in 2013 because I am counting it all as a blessing

Be Safe and Bless


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