Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank You Gift Cards

Today hubby had asked me to make his kids a gift card for the wonderful gift that they had given us. They had gave us tickets to a Nascar race in Kansas City in April of next yr. I am not sure if they remember but that will be our Anniversary on the 7th so we will make it a grand weekend  with the race. That was so nice and thoughtful of them since we didn't get to catch a race this yr every time I thought of getting us some tickets hubby was working out of the state so it didn't work out so now he has no choice but to go since it will not waste there money.

So we are at our Kansas house where I have minimum supplies I did the best I could come up with so we can give them the gift cards tomorrow. I didn't have a cartridge with me but I have one of my expressions up here but I usually bring my carts or gypsy with me so I had to search the internet for a tutorial and I found one at Rubber Romance Stamps it was very simple I just wished I didn't have two crappy cutters up here so the cutting wasn't straight.
The stamp is one of SP Company


This stamp is from K Andrews, I don't like this ribbon but this card is for JR and I didn't have any other blue :(

Be Bless

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  1. Felisa, these turned out wonderful despite not having all your tools with you!!!


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