Another good morning

Good morning crafters, today I got up to start on three more rag quilts. I plan on having these complete today at least with the sewing and embroidery part. I still have the grand kids waiting on them to be cut and washed. Hubby is still out of town and I am not sure when he will be back so I may have to start on them and finish them so I can wrap them up for Christmas.

I have to have of my Christmas projects complete by this coming Wednesday. I am having surgery on my wrist to have a Ganglion cyst removed. I had it done before last year in August but the cyst came back behind the one he removed :(

Since I have had this done before I know what to expect. A cast for six weeks so that in itself is going to be challenging again so little to no crafting.

This was last yr and I still have the ugly scar since I kilo very bad......oh well let the healing begin in my mind...I am ready to be pain free and move on. I should have a few more projects to show but after next week my blogging will be very slow since I am right handed typing will be very less

Be Bless


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