One last time for the Singer

I am so feed up with this Singer machine. It is boxed up and ready to go back to Joann's tomorrow. For some reason tonight the tension was so loose on it and I had adjusted the feed. I started out with a tee shirt and I made this praying hands loved how it came out.

So then next I had a coffee cups for a kitchen towel. That is when the trouble started.The towel looks okay but I should have taken a picture of the back it is all knotted up.

But I got on my Brother machine to but the word Coffee....So next I tried a white towel to add a cross and this is when I had threw in the towel.
 If you see how that brown looks just loose threads not good.

So right after that I did put the machine back in its box. I went and set back down at my Brother machine to do this design that is built in my machine and I just love how easy this machine is. Only reason I need to upgrade is that mine will only do a 4x4 hoop and I will have to buy the software to import designs in.

Now isn't that beautiful

Be Blessed


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