3rd Singer Futura

do a simple flip flop design on this machine well no such luck
sorry for the light but it is night time

 Do you see how the thread is positioned well in order for mine not to break hubby had to hold it while the machine was going. I broke 3 needles on this machine and multiples thread breakage.

This is the back of the tee shirt for some reason the yellow thread was knotting up so I couldn't even finish the design
This was the front I really thought it was going to come out pretty but guess what this machine will be going back as well.

So I stopped at the sewing store and priced some better machines. So my next one will not be a singer at all.

Be Bless


  1. Have you tried adjusting the tension in it or the needle in the right way or making sure the bobbin in correctly. I had purchased a serge machine and I couldn't get it to work but what I found out I didn't make some adjustments. I was so frustrated with it I took it back I decided to get my money back. Check some online video's on it.

    God bless you!


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