Happy Birthday Zaiden

Today is my grandson Zaiden's 1st birthday. My heart hurts right now because he his no longer with us and didn't get to see it at all. I had this picture frame in my stash and I knew I wanted it for Zaiden's pictures but I couldn't bring myself to pull out the pictures. This morning was a good day I got up and got right on this project. For this boy to only have been 2 months he has a different look in every picture. 

I used some memory  cards for most of the fillers 

He had this little onesie tux on for Valentines day last yr. Such a fat little soft baby I can still feel and smell him. The bottom picture he had his OSU outfit on. 

This is my smashbook challenge #4.....unfinished project. I have had Zaiden's photos in a tote along with the things I want to put into his album for a long while. I am praying I can work through the tears and get his album done.

Happy Birthday daddy Nana loves you to pieces and I know you are up in Heaven with your great grandma's just having a ball...until we meet again

We went to his grave today and the ground was froze so we couldn't put out the new flowers but I left them with my daughter to put out the next pretty day. I thought Zaiden's head piece was taking care of but found out it wasn't so no crafty shopping for me so I can get little man fully dressed.

Zaiden is buried close to my mother and my grandmother,


  1. What a heartfelt tribute to the little angel. May he continue to shine light into your life.


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