Happy Birthday Sascha

Today is my middle daughter Sascha's birthday she turned 23 today. I haven't been in my scrap room since last weekend and I thought her birthday was Sunday and I would have time to make a nice card for her. Well I was wrong it is today so off to the scrap room to make a real quick card. I pulled an image off the silhouette store awhile back and I wanted to use it for her. Sascha is like me and her favorite color is purple. I don't like how the image came out but I was pressed for time so this is what I came up with.

I thought the flower turned out nice it is a pair of my grandson's jeans (Sascha son) so he has a part of the card)

This poem came out of The Ultimate guide to the perfect Card and I just love it..\

 I posted this pic on FB and my sister informed me that the baby picture was of my oldest daughter and I knew it was Sascha but when I asked Sascha she said NO lol......sad I can't tell my kids baby pics apart but they all look like me as a baby.
Happy Birthday 2nd born

Be Bless


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