Basketball invitations

Last night I had to hurry and cute 10 invitations for my grandson's birthday party this Saturday. I thought my daughter made it for next Sat so I haven't really had the time to scrap so I just kept putting it off until she told me it is this Sat. So I cut the images from the Silhouette store last night and got up this morning to glue them down so he could take them to school this morning.

I love how they came out. I ran the orange through the embosser with the Swiss dots folder. If I wasn't such a procrastinator I would have went to Hobby Lobby and got some pretty basketball paper for the envelopes but this will have to do. 

On a sour note I just received and email from the teacher that it is against school policy to hand out invitations at school so he will bring them home and I will have to stand outside of school to hand them out. Another reason it isn't good to be a procrastinator 

any way Have a Bless day as I do plan on 


  1. These are cute! Love the matching envelope.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  2. Cute invites, love that envie too! Too bad about all the rules but I understand to keep the confusion down and avoid any hurt feelings!


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