Charm Time

Great morning,it has been so long since I have made some charms and I thought it would be nice to make some for friends for Christmas but of course they were late and I still have a few more to go lol but it will get it done. 
My one friend said her fav stone is Sapphire so I went and pulled and purchased a few more stones to make this charm. I had the Live artfully charm in my stash

 Don't pay any attention to the green paper clip I tried to use it to hold up the charm but it didn't work and I needed to get to work so I took the pictures real quick so it could go postal

this one is for young lady and the color is suppose to be grey but it is looking more purple in this photo.

I just love chunky charms oh well back to finishing the few I need to get in the mail....

Be Bless


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