Belated Christmas Wishes

I pray everyone had a bless Christmas. I meant to post this last night but after we got back from the in laws I was wore out and didn't post this. I made my son a gift card shaker pouch for his xbox cards. I followed along with Nursetara04 youtube video it was so easy. I even used some of those dollar tree stickers I had to have lol
 I even worked on my fauxdori entry, I am on the hunt for a letter cover for it since this one is my fav to use.

 Lastly today we had to run to the mall to take hubby phone in to the store and it was a Pandora shop right next to the Apple store and I have always wanted a Pandora bracelet so I took my Christmas money and started my journey......I told hubby that I was going to stop buying crafty things and buy a charm from here on out. (Wish me luck lol)

Be Bless


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