Friday, June 19, 2015

Vacation pic's going down

good morning, I finally set down last night and pulled out my vacation pics and started putting them in my life PL.....I have to apologize for the pics being sideways but I can't seem to rotate them and I am in a rush to get out the door to work. 

this is the stash I have together that I am pulling from

I completed three sleeves last night

I started with our flight pictures I just need to go back and journal which I will do while hubby is driving this weekend and it will help my mind at ease and not worry about his driving lol

more pictures on the flight and you can see hubby was able to take a nap on the flight while I looked crazy at everyone lol

I got to add a pic on that globe one since it is upside down on this side.....isn't GOD beautiful just wonderful. I love looking at the clouds

I love that I can pull out some of those stamps that I just had to have and those stickers

Be bless until the next posting


  1. Love your pages, kudos to you for using your stash and scrapping those awesome vacation pictures!


Thanks for coming to my blog...have a bless one

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