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Hello Crafters, I don't know about you but my crafting has left again. I am trying to get myself in gear with work so I am back to my arc planner trying to get it together. This week I have started running (jogging big difference) so I am using my planner to track along with a few applications on my phone. I don't have any plans on losing weight since I can't and don't eat healthy but I will burn the calories with my exercise 

I found these free printable online but I don't have the website it is so many free ones out there. I am also putting to use the washi tape I have to have.

Because my job has so much PHI I wanted to carry a little pad I can jot down names and phone numbers while I am with other clients without giving away to much information so I made this fauxdori while following some youtube tut but I didn't take into effect I wanted to embroidery my initials on it so my size is off but it will work for my first one

I love how the embroidery came out. First time on my machine in a long while

I made a pocket to hold some things in it from another video. I love how this pocket came out

I have three booklets in this I made from scrap paper  another free printable online

I am going to try the lister gotta list again and this way I think I can do this while I am at work since I added some PL cards in my pocket just to jot down the pages....maybe this way it will get done

first list is done

be bless


  1. Good way to use your scraps, I may go back to a traditional planner and get off these electronic devices!


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