Ahoy There Mini


Tonight I decided to work on a mini for my daughter that I will give her when we get back from the cruise of her son since she isn't going. I say this paper on one of the sale of the day sites and knew I had to have it. 
I saw a video tutorial from Chelsea that was simple and it used 12x12 papers and the Tim Hotlz binder clips. I have a ton of those binder clips and never used them so this mini had my name all over it. We are at our Kansas house and I didn't bring the clip with me so the inside binder is not done. Once we get back I can add the pictures and journaling spots

The cover is plain but once we get back I will finish it as well. I just wanted to get all the basic work down.

this is were the binder clip will go 

The left side will go in the binder so the pages on that side is not glued down

the pages were really simple which is how I love it.


all and all I love this simple mini...when I get back I will add the binder and this baby will be complete until we take our trip and get the pictures back

as always be bless


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