Happy Birthday Tonya

Today is my husband niece  Tonya's Birthday. I finished this card before her birthday but since it has to be mailed off it will get there a day late. I have got to get better with getting my cards out on time. I saw a blog posting over birthday candles and I knew I had to scrap lift it. I thought I saved her blog so I could give credit where it was due but I am sorry I can not find her link now.


The stamp is from S&P Company and I just love it with this card. I even dusted off the imagine to cut the cake or at least I tried to my imagine still doesn't cut so I had to cut it by hand. 


This is also from the same stamp set  

Be Bless


  1. love the candles and the border on the bottom. Great bd papers...Karen

  2. Your card is adorable, i am sure she will be so excited to receive it. Dont worry you are not alone, i have to get better with my cards too.


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