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I am on a roll tonight. I have been wanting to do a layout but I kept putting it off. Lord knows I have enough pictures to do 10 layouts a day and still have pictures left over. After doing two card sketches tonight I was surfing my favorite blogs and saw Tiare over at iClassygirl had posted a new Layout challenge.

I support my son 100% in football but this was the worst year. I so disagreed with the coaches this yr that I didn't take many pictures at the game. It is so sad that in this day and age that racism is alive and well so hence not that many pictures of my son but I did take plenty of my grandson up in the stand with me lol

This is all from my big football stash pile.

 I need to work on a mini so I am sure I will not post anything else tonight.......

Be Bless


  1. What a cutie, you got some nice stuff in your stash....you are working the challenges too!


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