Kck back & Relax

Good evening, long time no post. I have had a blast visiting my family back home in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas but I am back and back to crafting. I can't tell you how I wanted to craft so bad when I was gone but I didn't take really no supplies with me except my planner. Anyway here is my quick post for the creative crafty angels a card going out for encouragement. I jumped on the wagon with the dies from China and when I got home I had a floor full of goodies waiting for me. I loved this shoe when I saw it but I thought of my daughter but then I thought man if we can kick Cancer out how great this world would be. The lady has cancer and after seeing my Mother suffer threw it many many years ago all I could think of was Relax and let God handle it. The stamps I used was an old one from K Andrew no longer in business. Another China die for the frame

The inside I went to my MayMay stamps hopefully this will be a little comfort to here

Be Bless


  1. Love this card, cute dies and the inside message is on point! Looking forward to using that shoe die, thanks for sharing!


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