Punta Cana, Dominician Republic

Hello crafters, hubby and I are really enjoying ourselves on this vacation. I am so happy that I brought along my junk journal to play in while hubby naps or when we go to the beach. Here I have all my gear layed out in our suit on the table in the sitting area.  I had stuck some stamps in my bag and I am so happy I did. This sunshine stamp is from My style stamps. I used my polaroid camera to print out these pictures. I am upset I brought along my canon selphy printer and the Wi-Fi is so weak here that I am not able to print anything off my iPhone and I probably have 100 photos already.  
I wrote about my first impressions of Punta Cana on the drive in and I wasn't impressed at all thinking oh Lord what did we get ourselves into. The area is nasty looking like a third world country. Once we entered into the property I felt much better. It is so sad that something like this can be so beautiful and you know that on the outside people are living on the streets in filth. The weather is wonderful here as I was talking to my sister in law back in KS and she sated the high was 54 so happy for this high of 90 degree weather.

I have a picture on my phone with hubby sleeping on the plane that I will add right here on travel notes lol

I used some of the my big ideas travel project life note cards

I just love this view off our back balcony I have even taking my scrappy items out there and just sit and played.

this is from our front balcony

this is the VIP section of the resort that we are staying at

hubby enjoying that nap

now since we live in Oklahoma the nearest beach to us is in Galveston TX 8-10 hour drive so I am really loving this beach

This was me going out to dinner and man it was so good but tonight we ate at a different restaurant that wasn't good to me but I don't do Mexican food but we tried it.

for breakfast I love omelets, bacon and pancakes and that was what I am having every morning

this is Jean Claud and his sister who works on the property really sweet people.

 Oh my goodness this is what I had last night it was some meat lasagna I have my journal all done and hidden behind the pictures.

Because the Wi-Fi is so slow I have managed to complete today pages but I am sure I will not upload anymore until I get home to frustrating.

Be Bless


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