Happy Birthday Kai

Today is my little grandson Kai birthday. Little man turned 1 today. I took this photo of him last Friday at my son's football game and Kai was having a good time smiling for the camera with his mom.

I saw a shirt on Pinterest that was embroidery but I didn't feel like fooling with my machine and pulled out the vinyl and the Explore machine and came up with this cute little shirt for Kai

My sister put up a picture on FB of Kai and a Monchichi and he does favor one but I think he looks like Grandpa on the Monsters lol. I pulled out the Cameo thinking I could do a print and cut but NO my machine doesn't play right so I just printed and then I thought I could use my pens to write with well when you don't use something you forget how to use it and I was so tired last night that I wasn't going to do another card. You can see where the pen dragged then I tried to color it in with a wink of steller pen.
Now the inside came out good but oh well this is my project for the day
As always be bless


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