Cricut Artfully Sent first cut

Hello crafters, yesterday was one of those days that really took a toll on me. So when I got home I had a package from CTMH with my new goodies. I was so stressed last night I wanted to the last minute to open the box and decided I at least wanted to cut out something. I couldn't get the Cricut Design to open since they were making updates so I went to the Expression and low and behold I need a new blade so don't look to hard at the cuts. I thought this pop up card was really pretty

I do have a complaint on the book. I thought the images were so small I couldn't tell what half of them were in the book so I had to pull out the magnify glass

 bad cuts

 very bad cuts but I no the Explore will cut way better

I do love how easy the card was

As always be bless


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