Christmas party

Hello crafters today we had our work Christmas party / meeting. It is only 9 of us in our circle but we did the dirty elephant gift exchange. My first time playing and I am so glad the ladies loved my gift and it went around 3 times for exchange. I did' take a picture of it but I had a theme of black/white going on so because our circle goes out to the client I thought of warm / organized gifts. I bought gloves, scare, a big calendar, purse calendar nail file (you never know when it will come in handy) I made some peppermint sea salt and the coco holder mug.
File from the silhouette
Receive from Chic & Scratch blog

Then I made each person a little bag to give away hand stantizer
I bought it at Big Lots like these 
Then I cut up a Christmas pack I got at 70% off

Then I made my supervisor a door sign hanger.

I was going for an African them but I didn't quit get it but LaChanda was happy with it. I just love how those trico flowers took to all the sprays I hit it with. I really have got to use more of my things
As always be bless


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