Spelling Bee Piggy Bank

Hello crafty friends, it is Felisa of The Scrapin Diva. Tonight I am having major techno problems, iPad, laptop and desktop will not cooperate so I am not sure how this is going to work for me tonight but I will shut my best shoot.

My grandson Kendrian has been doing well on his spelling test. I told him every 100 he brings home I and both Papa's and Aunt Kendra will give him a $1 well we are on week three so I thought I better get him a piggy bank. I went to Michael's and purchased this white bank pulled out the Cameo and some vinyl and this is what I came up with.

I have got to buy more blades as you can see some didn't cut out so well but KD loves it. I also noticed one of my dollar signs is upside down. It has got to be the night time cough medicine. I pray this cold go away real soon......

Well that is my quick project for the night as always Be Bless


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