Nothing much

Well today I had to take my kids to their dad's/grand dad so I was on the highway the majority of the day and when I got home I took a little nap. Then I received an email from a friend that one of the ladies we had friend on the cricut cruise that her cancer has come back so that got me up  ~sending prayers her way and I was trying to explain to hubby who she is and I went to get my cricut album that isn't complete so I got my things set out for tomorrow so I can get that album done. It will be a yr next month so sad but while doing that I completed a couple of my type of Project Life pages. I print so many pictures and they just be laying around that I have no excuse not to put them in the album so here is a few pages I did

Then I came into my scrap room and found these payment coin envelope that I had picked up a couple of yrs ago and I want so bad to do a mini so I started them tonight and hopefully I can get up and finish both projects tomorrow.
Not sure what paper I will use for this mini but it will be fun....well time to hit the sack 

Be Bless


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