Playing time with the Brother machine

I have been following Kim at and this lady has been rocking her embroidery machine. Hubby bought mine last yr for Mother's Day and yes I have never even tried to embroidery on it until reading all the wonderful projects Kim has been making. So I went ahead and ordered all my materials and tonight was my first time attempting to try and I am pleased. Hubby was all over my shoulder watching me tonight so no I guess I can go and order more supplies since I only ordered the basic.

My first cut was a crown and then I cut my name nickname Lisha. I thought I read it is best to just use white bobbin but that wasn't correct since my name Lisha was suppose to be in purple but the white bobbin over powered it. Then I took a piece of green fabric and just used white thread to do the heart and the other one was a flower but I didn't finish it. I think this is going to be another one of those habits :D

 Be bless


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