Arc Planner

Hello, since my mojo has left the building I thought I would share my Arc Planner that I am really enjoying. I had been using a cheap planner from wal mart that I made work for me but I saw a video over the Arc Planner. I also have several Franklin planners but I really didn't want to order the refills. So when I saw this Arc I thought I could use what I had.

On the front I used that cut out that I had made for my Explore machine when I got it alone with the Diva from one of the carts.

The monogram was from another video I saw with a free link to it and I love my initials on this page along with a stamp from Stamps of Life

This yr I have really focused on working out and in this picture it really shows and I love it. I have a insert where I can add pictures, journaling cards or inspiration quotes. 

This note set is one I got from Michael s that was in my stash. 

I get paid mileage for my job and I use the monthly calendar to keep track of it. 

My son has some left over graph paper and I cut it down so when I am at work bored I can doodle  if I don't take my hobonichi with me. 

without giving away PHI I do write down my appts for work and home in my planner

Lastly, I am so proud of myself this week I have kicked it up to 30 miles a day on my cycling bike every morning. 

As always be bless


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