Cricut Explorer

I must admit I was the first to say I wasn't going to get this machine but OMG my first cut this morning.....I Am in Love lol

I told several of my girlfriends if I didn't like it...HSN was getting it back but no way this is a keeper...just wish I could send the two expressions, E2, Imagine, mini  and gypsy away. Thank goodness I gave away the create and cake machine.

I do believe this will be my first go to machine :)
Fist cuts I will finish the layout when I get back to my Oklahoma home of my grandson getting his first pair of glasses.

Okay really I can not buy any more machines

Be bless


  1. See now I can't stand you!!!! You know I'm weak and value your opinion!!!! Stop posting or I will have to buy this dang machine and like you, I already own all the PC machines.


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