Going home

good morning crafters, today I am on my way to a funeral. It was my Mother's best friend. My Mother has been gone for 28 yrs and she died of Cancer and now her friend has died of Cancer so it is going to be a rough day but I know good and well Mommy and Irene (Andrew, Irene husband) will be singing and shouting in heaven. 

I made this card for one of her daughters Sabrina. I know this is a difficult time and it is something you will never get over but maybe the card will bring a little joy.

I used Ki paper pad from WalMart and the stamp is from CTMH
I also made an envelope to go along with the card but I am not sure what paper stack I got that out of 

Irene is on the left and Mommy is on the right

Be Bless


  1. A beautiful card. So sorry to hear of your losses. (past and present) Praying for everyone.


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