January 2016

I seriously don't know where the month of January went to but I didn't post anything at all. I was so busy with life and work that it just flew by. My oldest daughter gave birth to my 4 grand daughter Zariayha along with her birthday and my son.

I joined the band wagon of a Happy Planner and this is the front cover of mine that I made.

I even got bold to order a kikki K as well. The goal is really to get myself in order and I will need both to do this because the next few months is going to be crazy with my son graduation and my move out of state

I joined a group on FB create more and spend less these cards were also done with challenges but because I didn't blog I didn't get a chance to post

This card was for the FB group creative card angels and it went out on time

this was another card for the FB Angels

Her is some more that I am trying to finish with the 6x6 pad that I need to finish which I am hoping to finish it off this week but should have been complete last month.

This was a card that I sent to one of my girlfriends BD that was late because I did forget

This card was for my Aunt

Well I am praying that February is a better month for blogging

Have a bless day


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