Our little quick get a way

Last week my youngest grandson completed his first week of school. It is an early educational center that he is attending and I am so happy. Research has shown great results from this school and I couldn't be more pleased.

Okay hubby surprised me with a quick two day get away to two state parks in Arkansas. I am so proud of myself for coming home and completing at least a few pages of our trip but I will be doing the rest in my project life style

This first one I cut the map in half and used two 12 x 12 photo sleeves to remember the hike by glad I dd to remember the hard 2 miles down to the beautiful fall 

hubby scared me to death his foot slipped and he fell on his backside as of today he has a few bruises but nothing is broke thank GOD.

I am so glad he found this beautiful spot for us to go to. The 2 mile hike was ruff but so worth it

simple layouts but the job is done.

this one was from the little brochure book I just ripped it in half and glued it down

I was hoping to get the other park done tonight but it didn't happen and tomorrow I have some late appointments scheduled so maybe Saturday I will get back with it.

Be Bless


  1. Wow! Happy about Kai starting his educational journey early; more memories to scrap! You are rolling, glad to see your completed LOs from your recent getaway. Looks like you and Superman had a great time enjoying nature.


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