Valentine party

Good morning crafters, today the sun is out but it is 33 degrees so it is so cold in here. I had to get my grandson off to school this morning and he had to take his valentine box to school so I had him to put on his shirt I made for the party tomorrow and snap a picture since I will not be at school with him tomorrow. 

This is the box I found a picture on pinterest that I had to try and make. I couldn't find a small goal last minute but party city had this sponge bob one and guess what that is one of his favorite cartoons so it was a win for me. I used a orange table cloth to wrap around the box and some of my black ribbon.

You can't tell by the look on his face but he did love his box and said he was going to win first prize and I had to explain to him he can't come home made if he doesn't it was the thought that count and that we had fun making it.

So the teacher sent home a note asking if we had any valentine cards to donate to the nursing home so I got up this morning and made this quick card and envelope to match to give it is simple but I love how it came out. 

as always be bless


  1. I LOVE everything!!! The shirt, the box and the card!!! You are an an awesome Nana!!!


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