Vinyl rush

Long time for no posting, so sad right but life. I am on google chat right now with my friend Treva and I thought I better get a posting up. I am still on a big hype from the past weekend crop with Cassie (so loved it and can't wait til next yr. Well the one lady that gave us a class over a card making with Vinyl Dashawna (sp) loved it that lady had some mad skills and I can't wait to try a mini album like she was did at the crop.

Well My I am falling back in love with my Cameo and she needed to be personalized on the inside (excuse the crude on the rollers, I need to find a video on how to get it off) but this was a clip art from google and the phrase was from Dashawna and some prima bling.

I am going to another crop in Myrtle Beach next week and I noticed all the ladies had an ott light so I thought I would personalize mine as well and bring it. This was a silhouette file

Since it is only hubby and myself out here in NC I am using the dinning room as my workout place and I needed some wall art only bad thing is I had my mat set at 8 x 11 from a sticker project and I had the vinyl cut and it is a little small but it is my area no worries

see how small it is next to my treadmill :(

Then I needed one for my bike

again to small but oh well

last project was my Brita Water bottle and I forgot to take one of the design I made for the car

be bless until next time.


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