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First my heart goes out to all the families of 9 11----continue to pray for them

This is what I have been doing. I ended up with 40 boxes alone of crafty stuff (shame shame shame) The movers came and took all the items along with my air compressor that I only used once. It wasn't suppose to go so now we are going through the office to getting it back. (dirty thieves)  So now I am in North Carolina with hubby waiting on a call from the movers that they will be delivering our things. (praying that they haven't taken anything else that they weren't suppose to take)

we were in our home 12 yrs hard to say goodbye to all the memories we had in this home 

this was my main craft room back in Oklahoma and that board was loaded down with beads (praying they do not get into that box)

Oh well all we can do is just sit and pray that all of our things get here safe and sound.

Be Bless


  1. Moving is never easy. I'm sure you will LOVE your new home, make more memories and find a few craft buddies!


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