Day 2 Kwanzaa

Today marks the 2nd Day of Kwanzaa. Today's principle is Kujichagulia (koo-jee-chah-GOO-lee-ah) meaning Self-Determination.

Yeh...yeh...but how can I win?

It's easy! For today let's show our self-determination by sharing our intentions for the coming new year. All you have to do is leave a comment here telling us about your resolutions/intentions for 2011! And there is always someone who says, "To put God first!" Well, let's just say for those who would say's a given. Tell us something we don't know...tell us about your other goals. What one, two or three things are you going to focus on? What will be your reality in 2011? Just leave a comment here with your answer and you are entered. That's it. Easy, peasy. Then tomorrow not only will I announce a winner, share a picture of their prize but I'll also announce a new challenge for another chance to win! Yay! We'll do it again and again for the rest of the week! So check in each day because you won't know what the challenge is or the prize. You've got to play to win. Please note: all prizes will be mailed at the end of the giveaway, because each day you enter you could win and I just want to send 1 package to each winner! Also, due to the cost of shipping, this giveaway is limited to US & Canada Residents only.)

My intentions for 2011 is to become debt free, spend less and use what I have.


  1. I love learning about other cultures and what a wonderful principle!!! :) It really takes self-determination to follow through on those resolutions.

    I like your intentions (from a crafting standpoint especially, I should follow suit-no more buying, more creating with what I have)! My intentions for the new year sound cliche, but I have written actual goals/steps to help me realize them. I want to practice random acts of kindness, volunteer (I'm starting small-just 3 hours a week), and really make a difference in the lives I touch!

    Thank you so much for sharing (I will be sure to check back!),

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com


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